Monday, February 21, 2011


GOTTA HAVE IT: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex
Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Cleis Press

Short, Sweet and Totally Sexy.
                 Rachel Kramer Bussel

How do you measure time? You don’t feel it passing, because time has ceased to be measured in seconds or minutes or hours. Instead it is counted in the ticktock of heartbeats, in the pendulum swing of thrusts, on the sudden high-pitched cry that bursts out like a cuckoo from a well-wound clock.
                 “Tme” by Cecilia Tan

Do you have time for a quickie?

That is the question that Editor Rachel Kramer Bussel asks – and answers! –with her new anthology, GOTTA HAVE IT: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex.

These stories are “short, sweet and totally sexy.” They are also bold, passionate and lusty. Most are only about two pages long but as Ms. Kramer Bussel states: “readers don’t need long to get drawn into the drama, tension and lust.”

The cover is as hot as the stories – risqué and all about satisfaction.

You have strangers meeting on trains (“Over His Shoulder”); lovers experimenting with new technique (“The Tipping Point”), new positions (“Anal-Yzed”); and married couples rekindling their passion (“Time”). You have a devoted fan who wins five minutes in the bed of his favorite porn star (“Lucky Number Fifty-One”); a divorcee who celebrates her freedom with someone totally different (“Independence Day”); and a school teacher much sought after for extra credit (“Genesis”).

The tales are mostly about heterosexual couples, but there are plenty of F/F and M/M stories as well. The authors include, Tigress Healy, Daniel Burnell, Cecilia Tan, Cate Ellink, Maximillian Lagos, Vampirique Dezire, Donna George Storey, Lolita Lopez and Robert Peregrine.

What else can be said of this anthology? You Gotta Get It!

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