Wednesday, October 5, 2011

EXCERPT: "Ride A Cowboy"

Here is an excerpt from "Ride A Cowboy," my erotica story in the WOMEN IN LUST anthology, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, from Cleis Press, due out next month. 

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by Del Carmen

“I want to fuck you.”
            Rita didn’t know who was more surprised.  She at the words that came out of her mouth or Nate who looked at her like a steer caught in headlights.
            “What?” he asked.
            Rita pretended the last minute did not happen.  She waved her pad at him. “What would you like to order?”
            Nate lifted an eyebrow, knowing in his eyes.
            She steeled herself.  Hopefully whatever cut he gave her would not be loud enough for the other diners to hear.  The last thing she needed or wanted was the town gossip mill looking in her direction…again.
            “I’ll take the blue plate special,” he said, “the steak medium well, heavy on the gravy, four biscuits. Coffee. Black.”
            Rita wrote furiously and reached for his menu. 
            He held on to it and forced her to meet his eyes.  His questioning, hers resolved.
            He let go of the menu.  Rita forced herself to walk slowly toward the kitchen, all the while yearning to run from the room.  She put in the order and kept walking down the hallway, out the back door.  Leaning on the wall, she took deep breaths to calm her racing heart and covered her face with her hands.  She shook her head and dried her sweaty palms on her apron, a blush hot on her cheeks. 
            Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.  She couldn’t believe she gave voice to her secret obsession and to Nate’s face no less.  She wouldn’t have been surprised if he had leapt onto his horse and ridden for the hills.  Thank the Maker that he was on his way to a cattle drive and would be gone for weeks.  Her face would have cooled down by then.  She didn’t know about the yearning for him though.  It had been burning fiercely for months but he was always on the go, too busy, too blind –men! – to notice.  But today he noticed. 


  1. Great excerpt. Makes you want to read more and I'll be looking forward to that! Congratulations, again.

  2. Give us more. You definitely have peak my curiosity. Can't wait to read the book.

  3. Ah'm writing this from out here on a windy, cold, blow-yer-hat-off day at the ranch out near Casper, Wyoming. Ordered some books a while back--federal publications on Hoof and Mouth Diseases for the cattle--and damned if there wasn't some sort of crazy mix-up and Women in Lust ended up out there in that battered mailbox. Seemed kind of interestin' readin' matter, so I read a bit in my spare time. First couple stories, well hell, didn't do much for me at all. Then finally I came on your little cowboy number. Out here on the high plains we're pretty damn modest 'bout what goes on below the belt, but I got to tell you that things perked up quite a bit on the reading of that one. Yesireee, bob. Warmed up a cold day, it did. Got a talent there, little lady. I'm puttin' that one out in the bunkhouse for the boys (with the cover ripped off, of course, as everybody'd be too embarrassed to read it then).