Sunday, November 13, 2011


By Del Carmen

What do women want?  Well, this particular woman wants cowboys and Latin lovers.
                My fantasies all start with John Wayne and Antonio Banderas.
                My father was a big John Wayne fan.  We watched every John Wayne movie that played, and I still enjoy watching the reruns on the Turner Classic Channel.  One of my favorite movies of his is “Angel and the Badman.”  John Wayne is a gunslinger, who can’t sleep without a gun under his pillow.  She is the prim and proper daughter of a preacher.  Of course, they fall in love; of course, his past catches up with him; of course, he saves the day and the girl; and of course, they have a happy ending.  I fell in love right then and there.
                John Wayne’s very essence screamed…. Hero, Cowboy, Sexy.  Like the Wild West, he was untamed, unbeatable and unforgettable. 
                Another sexy, untamed and unforgettable cowboy….Antonio Banderas.   A cowboy and a Latin Lover all rolled into one.   Who could ask for more?!
I fell in love with the gentle Nestor Castillo in “The Mambo Kings,” but it was Banderas’ portrayal of El Mariachi in “Desperado” that made my heart race.  I wanted to be Salma and the owner of that bookstore.  I wanted to patch his wounds and kiss those boo boos.
                I don’t know whether it’s the pants or the spurs or the long hair or the wildness in the eyes or just the men, but cowboys and Latin Lovers do it for me, which is why when I started to write erotica I started with cowboys.  I used John Wayne’s swagger and Antonio Bandera’s sexiness to create my hero, Nate.   Tempted him with a lovely Señorita and gave him the ride of his life. 
                I invite you to read my erotica tale --  “Ride A Cowboy” – in the WOMEN IN LUST anthology from Cleis Press, out this November.  Forget your inhibitions and give yourself over to temptation.  And once you do, let me know how you feel about cowboys and Latin Lovers, and what other types of men turn you on.

For an excerpt of “Ride A Cowboy”, Click here.
For a fun music video, Click here.  

Del Carmen loves cowboys, Latin lovers, crowded cities and sun-kissed beaches.  She is a sexy Latina from the Big Apple; new to erotica and looking forward to exposing more of herself.  Visit Del Carmen at, and follow her on Twitter at @mydelcarmen.


  1. I loved this story, Del! Congratulations on its inclusion in Women in Lust!

  2. "Ride a Cowboy" is fantasy perfection. Congrats on having crafted a great story, oh-so-appropriate for this lusty anthology.