Friday, May 11, 2012


I was in Amsterdam last month, and had great fun visiting sex shops and looking at the Ladies in the window.  I wanted to knock on a door and get a tour of the place, but my prudish friends held me down.  Oh, well, next time.  Until then, here are some fun photos I'd like to share of a very sexy Amsterdam.  Enjoy. --dc

We have a "Hollywood" sign, they have an "I amsterdam" one.

The best shop in town.

Sexy toys

Condom Gallery

The famouse Red Light District.
But no one was home or
they could have been busy in the back. 

They have public urinals for men. These are the "old" ones.
I liked them best since they were at least discreet.

Public urinals -- new and improved --?!
Men can just step right up.
Women have to find a coffee shop.  Sexist!

Beautiful home across from Rijik's Museum.

I loved the reflections of the houses on the water.

The City of Luden
Loved the windmill. Very Dutch.

The end.

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