Monday, April 1, 2013


It's Spring.  It's April.   Here's a foolish notion .... public urinals.

Or not so foolish in Amsterdam.  Here are some urinals from my trip to Amsterdam last year.  I was just there again last week and did not see the public urinals any longer.  Guess the city wised up and realized how unfair it was for men to be free to unzip and pee in public, while women still have to hunt for a store with public stalls. 

Open wide

Look behind the man in the picture.
Do you see the man at the urinal?
Do you see the family crossing in front of him?

The public urinals were everywhere last year.
This year, I could not find them at all.

These are the old public urinals.
These you can still find in the parks and some busy streets.
They are much more discreet.

But were are the bathrooms for women?!

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