Monday, February 10, 2014


"Guilty Indulgence Book Club"
by Del Carmen
edited by F. Leonora Solomon, Ravenous Romance
I love the cover of this anthology!  Someone has a foot fetish as you can clearly see. 
This is my third story with Ravenous Romance.  I am so excited about this new one  -- "Guilty Indulgence Book Club" -- it's all about chains.  No whips, but plenty of chains, and yes, there is a book club meeting.  You'll have to read it and let me know what you think.  Meanwhile, here's an excerpt to entice you:
It did not look like any book club Nora had ever been to. First, the lights were low so she didn’t think anyone could see very well, let alone read. There were deep red velvet couches and chairs scattered around the room with fringed lamps and nudes clinging to the walls. The whole room screamed sex.
            Sylvia worked the room, pulling Nora along, and making introductions. She didn’t catch half the names given the loud hum of numerous conversations around the room. She liked that though there were a few couples present, there were lots more single people, especially single men. Nora noticed a few eyes on the girls, just as she noticed a hunk in tight leathers with firm round ass cheeks that she ached to play with. She wished he’d turn around to see if the front of him was as good as the back.
            “Here. Chocolate martini.” Sylvia nudged her shoulder and handed her a glass. “Well, what do you think?”
            “I’m not in Kansas.” Sylvia’s roar drew attention to them. The Hunk turned his head. He had piercing black eyes, thick eyebrows, full lips, and wavy hair that made her palms itch. The front was much better than the back.
            “That’s Rene.” Her friend whispered in her ear. “He’s from Argentina. Big cock and knows how to use it, too.”
            Good thing Nora had finished swallowing, otherwise she would have spit out her martini. She shook her head at Sylvia. “Girl. I should be used to the things that come out of your mouth.”
             “Yes,” said Sylvia, “but more interesting is what goes in.”  

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