Monday, April 6, 2015

WILD CARDS: COLLARED & CUFFED ...excerpt and links


"You look good collared and handcuffed.  All tied up and all mine."

Ivette straddled Rey.  Rubbing noses.  Running her hands across his chest.

"You're all sweaty."  She licked the salt off his skin.  She raised his muscle shirt to lick at his nipples.

"Uncuff me so we can take it off," he said.

"Sorry, Lover, you are staying put."  She gave him a quick kiss and stepped behind him. 

He tried to turn without success.

She came back with scissors and made quick work of his shirt.  She looked at his pants.

"Not the pants," he cried.

"Those I can pull off."  And she proceeded to do just that.

Now she had a naked man tied to her kitchen chair and at her mercy. 

She loved it.

She walked around him.  Running her hand through his hair.  Tracing the collar.  Tugging it a little.  She kissed his neck, his shoulders, his cheek.  She ran her hands up and down his strong arms.  Did little circles around his back.

And she could see that Rey was glorifying in the experience.

She had touched him all over in the two years they've been lovers, but this time it felt like she was learning him a new.

"Let me have a lick?"

"You want your lollipop again, Lover?" 

"I want you."

"I am all yours."  She stepped between his legs and pulled her sundress off.  She wore a red demi-cup bra that pushed the girls together and gave great cleavage, plus a matching thong.

 He lean forward to kiss her stomach and the underside of her breast.

"Take them out," he asked.

"If you can take them out, they're yours," she challenged moving closer to him.  She wanted his mouth on her.

He used his teeth to pull at her bra.  Pushing at it with his nose but he had to settle for sucking her nipples through the satin.

She laughed at his frustration.  She felt empowered, pretty, witty and gay.  She felt like dancing.

"Hold everything."  She stepped away from his lips.  She grabbed his face with one hand and puckered his lips to give him a quick kiss.  "We need music."  She went into the living room.  Soon the sexy sounds of guitars filled the air.

Ivette grabbed the feather tickler from the table.  Swaying in front of Rey in time to the music.  She ran the feather tickler across her face, down her neck.  Her eyes met his.

Rey watched her intensely.

The feathers felt soft and velvety against her collar, her breasts, her stomach.

She lifted one leg and placed her foot on the chair underneath Rey's erection.  She wiggled her toes tickling his dick.  She felt him pressing down on her.

With her legs opened she ran the feathers across her wet thong.  She ran it up and down her crotch and basked in the heat of his gaze.  He couldn't take his gaze off the feathers.  She was  getting wetter and wetter.

She ran the feathers across her inner thighs. First one, then the other.

She could see the strain on Rey.  His cock was at full attention and weeping for release. 

She reached out with the feather and tickled the tip of his dick.

Their juices co-mingling on the feathers.  She brought it back and ran it against her pussy.

"Damn woman.  Get over here."

She laughed. 


She laughed harder.  "Sorry, Lover.  You are the one collared and cuffed.  You are at my beck and call."

Ivette ran the feathers across his face.  Letting him breathe in the scent of their joint arousal. 

He growled and strained forward.

She wiggled her toes against his dick, but she had other ideas about how to torture him. 



I hope you enjoyed this excerpt of WILD CARDS: COLLARED & CUFFED.  It is included in the TIE ME UP anthology from Riverside Avenue Books available now from the publisher, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Goodreads.  Feel free to use the links below to get your copy.  And, Thank  You for your support!--dc







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