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by Del Carmen

"Cutting in."  Manases pulled me into his arms and onto the dance floor.
                I saw over his shoulder that Margie had gotten stuck with Don Alejandro.  Ouch.  I owed her.
                "She'll never forgive either of us," I said haughtily.
                "He's a good dancer," said my kidnapper.
                I finally looked into his eyes.  Can't help it when you are literally breast to breast and pelvic bone to pelvic bone. 
                Manases and I had always danced the same way.  Close up and personal and very tight.  His right hand clasp mine and had it pressed against his heart; the other was around my waist to guide my movements.  His body was warm and hot and if there was an extra little push down below, I wasn't complaining.
                I looked up.  Desire. Longing. No.
                I lowered my eyes and looked at his throat which was exposed by the opened guayabera.
                "We have to talk," he said.
                "There's nothing to say," I replied looking anywhere but at him.
                “Ivette…."  he warned.
                I stopped dancing.  "There's nothing to say.  Let's not rehash old news."
                Anger flared in his eyes. 
                I pulled out of his embrace but he pulled be back and tighter.  He twirled us around so I clung to him.  I threw my hands around his neck for balance.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
                "We'll just dance then.  You're not afraid of a little dance, are you?"  he challenged.
                I never backed down from a dare and I wasn't about to start. 
                The dance was the story of our life -- together, apart and back again.
                I stepped closer to him and lost myself in the music, the warmth of his body and the desire in his eyes.  My dress flared every time he twirled me.
                It had been a long time since we danced together, but our bodies knew the rhythm and the steps.
                One last time I promised myself.  Nothing mattered but the dance, the music, the man.
                The song ended with a flourish and with our arms crossed over our heads and hip to hip.
                Applause broke out.
                I finally looked at the audience.  Guests were clapping.   So were Paloma and Margie.  The latter winking at me.
                We took a bow. 
                And I stepped out from his embrace. ###

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