Monday, April 23, 2012


Yes, of course there is. 

I was just reading a recent Huffington post that discussed this very topic.  The article mentioned that in a recent study it was found that married couples were having more sex than single people.  Plus, there was more sexual variety between married couples and more oral sex.  The operative word in this study being, "more."

Who wants to get married?!  I'm available.

But there is truth to the old cliche about no sexlife after marriage.  I've seen how many couples get stressed over work, kids, finances, stereotypes.  They feel trapped.  They feel unattractive.  They feel unlove, and so eyes stray, office lust-fests spring up leading to heartache and divorce.

My aunt and uncle have been married 50+ years.  They still hold hands as they walk, and my aunt still sits on my uncle's lap.  I asked them about the secret to their decades together.  My aunt said, "love and work."   They work hard to keep their love alive.  It may sound like a song but they have made it work and their love is still strong after 50+ years.

Yes, they come from another era, when divorce was a four-letter word and divorce was not an option.  So they knew that they HAD to make their marriage work, if only for their peace of mind.

Nowadays, we live in a "modern" society of instant gratification.  We have become lazy.  Everybody wants, wants, wants, but few people give.

Maybe there should be pre-marriage classes in patience, in endurance, in giving, in loving.  Then maybe "modern" marriages will last more than the average sitcom.  And their reward...more sex!


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