Monday, February 28, 2011


If the Ladies Room is not working or being cleaned, I use the Men's Room.

It's next door and convenient.  For some reason they have better lighting then the Ladies Room.  Who knew?

But the real question that puzzles me often is ... Do men peek at other men when they are all lined up at the urinals?   So I'm taking a poll.

Gentlemen!  Don't be shy.  Do you or don't you peek?  



  1. You could do a study if you go to a restaurant I visited in Vienna where they had a see through glass wall between the ladies and men's rooms. ha. Otherwise, I don't know how you'd know. Will heterosexual men admit to checking out other men?

  2. They haven't posted here, but I got two men who have and one who keeps his eyes close. hahaha

    Maybe a I should stand in Times Square with a scoreboard. Can you imagine? The tourists will have a great story to tell when they get home. --dc