Sunday, October 16, 2011


This past weekend I attended  a Writers' Retreat in Ocean Grove, New Jersey.

I had the best time and it proved very productive.  I edited 100 pages of my secret baby book and wrote an outline for a Victorian erotica.  And, in between editing and writing, I still had time to partake of an afternoon tea, a walk along the Jersey shore and a wicked game of "scrabble."

Using two of the magnetic word sets -- Sin and Smut -- a few of us challenged ourselves to "wicked scrabble".  Of course, we made up the rules as we went along, but the phrases we came up with were  tantilitzing and very often a hoot.  Check them out for yourselves; I've included some of the best below. 

And if you are ever invited to a writers' retreat....GO!  

We didn't call it "Wicked Scrabble" for nothing.  :-)

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