Sunday, May 27, 2012

REVIEW: CURVY GIRLS: Erotica for Women

CURVY GIRLS: Erotica for Women
Seal Press
Foreword by April Flores

I say fuck principles, fuck propriety.  What’s a hot-blooded kinky girl to do with her desire? 
                                                               --“Big Girls Don’t Cry” by Rachel Kramer Bussel

CURVY GIRLS is most definitely a “celebratory” book, full of wondrous adventures for and by large women.

As a large woman myself, I have to say that I really enjoyed this anthology.  It was fun, sexy, kinky and smoldering hot.  What can I say, the bigger we are, the hornier.   And CURVY GIRLS was utterly satisfying. 

One of the themes of several of the stories was size.

Voluptuous.  Rubenesque. Plus Size. Amazon. Large. Fat. Curvy.  All terms for big women.  And, yes, size does matter.

Men are obsessed with being longer and thicker.  Women are obsesses with being fat or skinny.  But as this anthology demonstrates big women are just as sexy and lustful as their skinny counterparts.

In “Small Packages” by Tenille Brown, our voluptuous heroine turns away a thin man because he doesn’t seem to have enough to meet her demanding ways.  She likes her men bigger, but a challenge and 10 minutes of some hard loving have her changing her mind.

In “Runner’s Calves” by Sommer Marsden, a confident Amazon meets a skinny salesman who ends up satisfying her every desire.

In “First Come, First Served” by Lolita Lopez, a baker with generous curves finds catering to a private customer most rewarding.

And finally, in “Excuses” by Nina Reyes, our curvy house sitter gets a surprise roommate, who makes her realize that neither size nor color matter when the fucking begins.

CURVY GIRLS is a big treat you’ll want to devour in one sitting.  And, why not?

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