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Many thanks to author Lise Horton who tagged me to join this fun blog tour of authors talking about their writing process.  Read about Lise's writing process and her first book in the Stellato Siblings series, WORDS OF LUST, by clicking here  

Every writer works differently, but we are all after the same goal -- a good saleable book.  Here's how I do it.


I always seem to be writing a few different stories at a time.  And depending on deadlines or which story grabs me the most, that's the one that gets finished first.  Right now, I am working on an erotica story about a woman who falls for the art designer she hires to build her company app in BEAUTY AND THE BOSS.  I've also outlined the story about one of her best friends who falls in lust with the cop sent to retrieve her.  Plus, I am also working on a series of erotic tales set around the world, and a short story about sex toys.


My stories are fun sexy romps with a Latino flavor.  I don't find enough Latino heroes or heroines in the stories I read so I am writing my own. And yes, Latinos make better lovers but I certainly don't want to write clichés or give in to stereotypes.

I like my erotica hot and spicy -- what I read and what I write.  It's fun to explore different aspects of a character's sexuality.  Hence, my characters are adventurous and open-minded.  Kinky doesn't scare them.  In fact, it excites them and has them wanting more.


Writing erotica is freeing and stimulating, and I can push the envelope as I much and as far as I want. I like using all the senses to create a scene.  I want my readers to see my characters, to feel the same tingles of the flesh, to smell the sexual musk in the room, to taste the passion in heated kisses, and to hear the orgasmic sighs of satisfaction.


I get ideas from everywhere -- from books, magazines, TV show, commercials, photographs.  Sometimes it is a face or a situation that prompts an idea.  Sometimes the ideas become stories, other times they are just scenes that don't go anywhere. 

I usually start by writing out scenes or dialogue in a notebook.  Names, character sketches, what-ifs all go into the notebook.  I find I write faster when I write on paper than on a computer. The words flow freer and looser. Once I have all the characters in my head and in my notes, I sketch out a rough outline of what scenes I want, what plot points go where, where the sex gets hotter and so forth.

Now, just because I have an outline doesn't mean that that is how the story ends up.  I find that sooner or later my characters get a mind of their own and wrestle control from me.  It is they who end up writing the story, I am just the conduit.

It could take me three months to write a story or it could take me one week.  It all depends on whether I am writing a story, a novella or a novel.  And again, it depends on deadlines and interest on what is written first. 

Like a reader, a writer too has to feel the excitement of the story.  If the story is not making me laugh or making me gasp or making me horny, then it will not work for my readers.  And if it is not working, it means that something is missing; and, if I have to start all over than I start all over again.

Writing can be easy and it can be hard.  But persistence wins the day.  Because to quit in the middle is not an option.  I must finish the story if not for my readers, then for myself.   Besides, the voices of my characters will drive me crazy until I get their story down on paper.  Writers really do listen to the voices in their heads.  It's fun and frustrating and fantastic all at once.


That's it about me. I've tagged these three fabulous writers to blog about their writing process next Monday, April 7.  Visit them and find out just how different we are and yet how similar.  They are:

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Thanks for stopping by and Happy Reading! --dc

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  1. It is great to see what the process is for other writers. Also to see how similar we can be even while all still having a different method to the madness. Great post.