Monday, January 19, 2015


Happy New Year! 

Brooklyn Fox Lingerie
I can still say that, especially with the Year of the Ram coming up soon on the Chinese Calendar.  (Is it a ram or a goat or a sheep? I've seen all of them being used.  I'll stick to "ram;" I like that one better.)

My first naughty outing for the year was an invitation from F.Leonora Solomon to see "The Dirty Gentleman and His Photography" exhibit at Shag, the erotic boutique in Brooklyn.  The place was small but had a great back room that hosted the bar and lots of good space for conversation. 

There was a private Gentlemen's Club onsite with their submissives, but they were not talking.  Other than that the crowd was full of loyal customers, fans and newbies like me.  The pictures were stunning and reasonably priced.  Plus, there were other goodies on hand to play with and drool over. 

Afterwards, we stopped by the Brooklyn Fox Lingerie store to check out their stock of sexy panties and stockings.  (One can't have enough of those!) Then, we finished off the evening with dinner at Juliette's.

Hope the rest of my year is as fun!  Happy 2015!---dc


The Dirty Gentleman and His Photography exhibit


More "Dirty" photos and fun toys
Fun toy baggies.


Need a Breast Bust too!


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