Wednesday, February 11, 2015


A writer writes, always.

A writer writes anywhere and everywhere.  At least, I do.
And, everything and anything can serve as a desk.
I have a “real” desk that is more of a paper holder than a “writing desk.”  I have not sat in it for years.  Instead, I prefer to sit and write on my sofa; in the summer, at a little table on my terrace; and always on the subway to and from work.
To me it’s not the desk that matters but the words on the paper.
I find that I write faster using pen and paper rather than a laptop.  I guess it’s because on a laptop I feel like I have to watch my grammar and spelling, whereas when I am writing in my notebook the words just flow.  And while I don’t much care about a desk, I do care about my notebooks.  I like them bright and colorful, and I often decorate them with postcards or magazine ads.  I find that a “creative” notebook stimulates my creativity.
Now some writers have wonderful desks in front of big windows or desks hidden among a forest of books. Each writer is different in how they write and where they write. 
In fact, two of my friends are also talking about their writing desks today.  Please visit Vanessa Peters and Mercedes Cruz at the following links:

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 And, whatever your writing style or the size of your desk, remember that a writer writes, always.  Happy Writing.♥

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